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08 July 2019

Canada housing beats U.S, take a look at how...

It seems that Canadians continue to do better than their southern neighbours when it comes to housing wealth. This has been a trend for the last tw...
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27 June 2019

Innovative Development Breaks Ground in Montreal

The mixed-used real estate development known as Royalmount breaks ground in the town of Mount-Royal, Montreal. This project is scheduled to be comp...
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01 June 2019

Homebuyers are struggling to keep up with the rising costs of constructi...

There continues to be an increase in construction costs in Canada, further causing a linear increase in associated home pricing. Statistics Canada ...
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01 March 2019

Renting Vs. Buying

Many often face the difficult decision of whether they should rent or buy. It seems that as of recently, most Canadians are leaning towards renting...
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01 February 2019

Canadian Real Estate, What is Happening?

As many are beginning to hear, tough new government regulations in addition to the continued increase in interest rates are undoubtedly causin...

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