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Canadian Real Estate, What is Happening?

01 Feb 2019

As many are beginning to hear, tough new government regulations in addition to the continued increase in interest rates are undoubtedly causing Canada's real estate market to slow down. Although many may be grateful to hear this news because there is a common belief that the market is now overpriced and bloated, others feel like this overall causes a decrease in interest from Chinese buyers therefore negatively impacting the economy. 

It is interesting to note that this housing market slowdown is affecting the bigger Canadian cities, those that attract a large number of wealthy individuals worldwide.

To read more about how similar economies' housing markets are reacting, take a look here: https://news.huffingtonpost.com/t/ViewEmail/t/3C6A76E90DA24F8D2540EF23F30FEDED/131390A28FD17C038BD4C707EBCCB890


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